Desert Sky Mentoring

Mentoring the Aspiring Spirit

Michael H. Shenkman, Ph.D.

The Mentoring Work

Your Mentoring

  • Your mentoring sessions will be private, one-on-one and will be 90-minutes in duration. Sessions are generally scheduled once per month. 
  • The sessions will be conducted in person, if you live in Albuquerque, NM, or will conducted by Skype or FaceTime.
  • A typical mentoring process spans six to eight sessions. The number of sessions is usually set by the time the second or third session has been completed.
  • Sessions are scheduled from month to month, and it is expected that some priority will be given to those appointments.  
  • Fees are set in advance.  There are corporate and individual rates that are agreed upon in advance.

Your Aspirations

Aspirations urge you to open up to living a more expansive future. They are not goals or ambitions, but you may form new ones when you respond to your aspirations..  

Aspirations shape your dreams and choices prior to your being conscious of them. You cannot control your aspirations, but you can hear yourself expressing them. In a mentoring process you can direct your attention so as to respond to them more attentively, and so either support them (and feel the flow) or amend, correct or ignore them from time to time.

Mentoring is the process in which you learn about your aspirations and learn to make conscious choices that take them into account -- so you can feel more alive each and every day.

What is Mentoring?

  • Mentoring Aspirations is a process in which the "way" you are creative is explored and clarified.
  • We characterize creative "roles" in terms of four figurations:  leader, artist, prophet and mystic.
  • See for a description of each of these figurations.  For a detailed description of leader mentoring, see
  •  Each figuration has its own creative interests, life paths and values, and each develops its own kinds of relationships.  Each mentee may be oriented toward one or several of these orientations, and may be in transition from one to another.
  • Mentoring helps you to appreciate the life ways of your figuration so that you can be stronger in your creative life, can set a course that emphasizes what is important to you, anticipates conflicts and difficulties you will have because of the preferences and orientations your figuration generates.
  • We spend a few sessions exploring which figuration your creative energies and then, when we have agreed as to how your aspirations are shaping your life, we increase your understanding of your figuration by doing concrete exercises that are designed to make those aspirations more manifest and comprehendible.
  • Finally, we set out some practical steps and practices you can begin right away so that you will become adept at living in ways that appreciate your aspirations to the fullest extent possible.  A course of continuing education about your aspirations will also be suggested as the mentoring process proceeds.


You Are A Good Candidate For Mentoring If...

  • You feel a strong urge to expand your life ways and move in new directions.

  • Your aspirations may inspire you to embark on whole  a new career, but more than that, they are directed at shaping your whole life's way. (Mentoring does not offer career guidance, but you will be able to make better decisions on your career choices from our conversations.)

  • You value being a "creative" person as a supreme value.

  • You approach your life with openness and curiosity.

  • You benefit from self-exploration and conversations that are devoted to that process.


  • You are open to making changes in your life, right now.