When you are feeling that urge to step into what's next -- beyond a career move or a promotion -- - into new vistas,  prospects and adventures your aspirations are beckoning. 

Aspirations don't come with labels, so they can be hard to read or make sense of.  They incite anxiety, so they can be ignored.  But they keep coming!! 


Desert Sky Mentoring offers you the opportunity to listen to your aspirations, and put words to those feelings that are urging you onward.  It helps you to envision what paths you might want to set out upon, and evaluate what a new life's way might offer.

Michael Shenkman, Ph.D. offers more than 20 years experience mentoring the aspirations of adults of all ages, in technical, health, artistic and service professions. 

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Desert Sky Mentoring

Mentoring the Aspiring Spirit

Michael H. Shenkman, Ph.D.


"This is the first 'helping' conversation that has ever made a difference for me."

"I thought these feelings of mine meant that I was strange, yet I didn't want to change them.  Now I know that they are most important to me, and I know how to respect, value and act on them."

"I feel like I have a whole new life in front of me."

For moe information about Aspirational Mentoring go to:  www.breakoutcreatives.net